Problems with CUPS + Fedora Core

Problems with CUPS + Fedora Core

Post by Andrew P. » Sun, 04 Apr 2004 05:34:23

Okay...the problem was indeed that PRINTER was set up correctly.
Everything is groovy now.


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I have install virtualpc 2004 on my XP-Professional pc. After
this i create virtual machine and install windows 2000 professinal as
guest os. But i can not install Fedora core-2 or 4 on a new Virtual
After reboot virtual machine it boot form fedora
bootable CD but after few seconds it is stop, I have try to use
different bootable CD of Fedora. But result is same.

My pc is pentium4 with 256MB RAM, 80 GB Hardisk.

PLse tell me detail about istall fedora on a virtual machine.

plse detail or step by step istallation process, I am new .


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