Suse 9.0 didn't work - trying again (Mandrake or Suse?)

Suse 9.0 didn't work - trying again (Mandrake or Suse?)

Post by Nooze » Sun, 25 Jan 2004 06:44:13

Just installed Suse 9. It went smoothly and seems to work but I've had some
problems with it. Also tried Mandrake 9.2 but had installation issues. I'm
hoping someone could answer a few questions before I try another install
(choosing packages takes forever! : ) )

I've listed my hardware specifics at the bottom of this post.

During the Mandrake 9.2 install, it just stopped after the installation
summary. The installation was about 90% done... packages installed, most of
the configuration completed, etc. Any ideas why this might of happened?

Suse 9 installed without a problem (using Gnome, not KDE). It seemed to be
running well but I had a bunch of "newbie" issues... Sorry that I don't have
details, but I can't find a newsreader in my Suse installation so I have to
boot back to WinXP to post questions. It's even harder when I'm in Linux and
have to reboot to XP just to see the helpful posts you guys provide.

- No screensavers installed
- No news reader installed (or at least not on the menu)
- Three different browsers (Konquerer, Mozilla and Galeon(?)) installed, but
no icons on the menu for them. Also, double clicking an HTM file showed that
there was no program installed for HTM files.
- Tried to run the "" script supplied by ATI to figure out what
version of XFree86 I had ("XFree86 -version" works fine ATI!) and I just got
a bunch of errors saying that files were missing.
- Trying to make the install from ATI's rpm gave errors that I had to go to
another directory and run a make command, which I tried and it failed. I'm
assuming that some files I need to compile a kernel are missing.
- Many of the buttons on my mouse weren't configured unders Suse (Mandrake
seemed to find all 8 buttons)

Suse seems to support my hardware better than Mandrake, but Mandrake seems
to install more of the desktop "fluff" that keeps us newbies amused until we
can enjoy spending hours banging away in a terminal session. (Yes I like my
proportional antialiased desktop fonts over a Text only display)

Finally, my current partitioning scheme seems to be OK, (Suse doesn't
complain) but I'm looking for comments...

/hda = ~40gig IBM deathstar
/hda1 = 5.85gig /boot partition (reiser FS)
/hda2 = 37gig extended partion with...
/hda5 = 494meg swap
/hda6 = 35.7gig /home partition (reiser FS)
/hda7 = 1gig /shared partition (Fat32) - used to shuttle files between
Linux and XP

/hdb = ~80gig Windows XP drive formatted NTFS and on an onboard Promise

(/hda and /hdb might end up swapped since I'm now booting from the WinXP
drive in BIOS)

My hardware:
Asus P4C800E-Deluxe mainboard (Intel 875 chipset) with onboard:
- Intel gigabit LAN
- AC'97 audio
- USB 2.0
- VIA 1394 firewire
- Promise RAID controller for PATA/SATA RAID
- Intel IDE RAID
P4 2.6Ghz 800mhz bus CPU running at 3.2ghz
(2) OCZ PC4200 256meg DDR memory (2.5-4-3-8)
ATI Radeon 9600XT AGP video card
Logitech MX700 USB mouse
Pioneer DVD-R drive
LG 52x CDRW drive
40gig IBM deathstar PATA drive (Linux drive)
80gig Maxtor PATA drive on Promise controller (Win XP)

...Basically looking for anything that would help a newbie out.

I definately appreciate all the help you guys provide.


Suse 9.0 didn't work - trying again (Mandrake or Suse?)

Post by Michael C » Sun, 25 Jan 2004 07:53:11

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004 21:44:13 GMT,

With the space you have, I'd do a full install.

In a pinch you can always use mozilla for news.

Hopefully you mean / it is way to big for /boot and / is required /boot

Michael C.
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Suse 9.0 didn't work - trying again (Mandrake or Suse?)

Post by Nooze » Sun, 25 Jan 2004 12:20:39


Just finished a (mostly) full install of Mandrake 9.2. Checked all the
catagories then scanned through the individual packages and added a bunch

most of

This time through there wasn't a single problem. Even remembered to used a
couple of floppies in case I want my package list again or to replay the

have to
Linux and

My problem was just FINDING Mozilla. : ) (I'm embarassingly green in
Linux. Been running Windoze for YEARS, even had a teaching job for IBMs OS/2
many years ago).

until we
like my

Yup... Was playing it all from memory. It actually ended up being "/hda" and
"/sda" for my two drives.

The partitioning scheme was the one Mandrake chose for the drive (except
that extra Fat32 partition) so I'm hoping it doesn't come back to bite me in
the ass later.

Thanks for the reply!

Suse 9.0 didn't work - trying again (Mandrake or Suse?)

Post by Nooze » Sun, 25 Jan 2004 15:07:23


Argh! Just how is a newbie supposed to cope!

I just found out that Mandrake 9.2 doesn't even include the kernel source
files on their CD's...

Now I have to figure out where to get them, how to get them and which ones
to get.... BLAH!

Suse 9.0 didn't work - trying again (Mandrake or Suse?)

Post by Neil Ellwo » Sun, 25 Jan 2004 18:52:58

Yes.Just let mandrake do the install and then once youhave it up and
running add the packages you want from your discs. Star apps.(bottom LH
corner)-configuration - packaging - install software. You will of course
have your cd1 in your first cd/dvd drive.

Mandrake should install knode and kmail for news and e-mail.
It is entirely your choice as it is your computer and you are using it.
I would make / about 500mb which is still too big but does not take too
much room on your hard disc.

Delete delete to get address

Suse 9.0 didn't work - trying again (Mandrake or Suse?)

Post by Michael C » Mon, 26 Jan 2004 06:46:44

On Sat, 24 Jan 2004 09:52:58 +0000 (UTC),

That's probably too small for a full install without putting /usr on a
seperate partition.

Michael C.
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Suse 9.0 didn't work - trying again (Mandrake or Suse?)

Post by Richard St » Mon, 26 Jan 2004 19:44:37

Right - if he's doing a full install without partitioning out root,
he'll need a root a couple of gig at least (I don't use SUSE so I
don't know how many packages they install by default.) My / on Red
Hat 7.3 without a server install and with /var and /tmp on other
partitions is nearly 5GB.

Richard Steven Hack
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