having problems with kppp on mandrake 9.1

having problems with kppp on mandrake 9.1

Post by jonwi » Sat, 19 Jul 2003 19:19:46

I am using whatever versions of kppp, kde and so on that Mandrake 9.1
installs by default. Startup mandrake 9.1, login, run kppp and it says
"cant find /dev/modem/"
Check and "/dev/modem" doesnt exist.
Fire up drakconf and click on "configure internet".
Follow that through (plug in modem details, connection details etc).
Click connect. It connects and I can use the net. Then, if I have to
reboot, it gives me the same "cant find /dev/modem" problem and if I
load drakconf, all the settings have been unset somehow (i.e. it
doesnt recognize the phone number. Is there some way to:
a.reset any config files that may have screwed up back to the defaults
and b.get kppp to be configured with my ISP details and get them to
stay there even if I reboot? Even better would be if I could have kppp
dial in as soon as I start KDE, anyone know how I could do that.

having problems with kppp on mandrake 9.1

Post by Andreas Ja » Sat, 19 Jul 2003 19:35:37


/dev/modem is a symbolic link pointing to your modem device, which is
/dev/ttys? if you have conntected your modem to a serial port (the ?
stands for the number of the port, ttyS0 is COM1, ttyS1 is COM2 and so
on). You can either create the link by hand (but as Mandrake uses devfs
by default, the changes will probably be forgotten after rebooting), or
you set the modem device in kppp and draknet directly do the real device
entry instead of the symlink.

As far as I remember, draknet's config can be found somewhere in
/etc/sysconfig/network or /etc/sysconfig/networking.

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