Installing Brushed Metal Theme

Installing Brushed Metal Theme

Post by Les B. Lab » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 10:37:03

I downloaded a theme from and can't seem to install
them. I go through the themes options, and install them from the menu
option, but it doesn't show up in themes menu. I did check the .themes
folder, and a folder of the theme is there.

I am running Fedora 3, and boot into "GNOME" blue curve option. I know
it's probably something simple, but could use some help.

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*Was*: Metal theme in an applet.
< ;


I'd say you should have.

But since the OP quite clearly sub-classed
JApplet, I fail to see the relevance of your
post to this thread. Except that both are
related to L'n'F (a relatively tenuous connection).

So it might be better to start a different
thread asking for your testing.
( fact, I will)

[ And ..isn't it time SourceFourge programmers
got there act together, dragged themselves
(kicking and screaming) into the third
millenium and offered either..
a) a screenshot ..or,
b) web-launchable app./JWS jar? ]

Andrew Thompson

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