Restore "Start Here" in Gnome

Restore "Start Here" in Gnome

Post by wood » Sat, 03 Jul 2004 06:16:26

Hello, everyone. I have a somewhat cosmetic issue that I would like to
resolve in Nautilus/Gnome (running on RH EL) short of a complete OS

When a new user is created a launcher icon is placed on the desktop called
"Start Here" which is a URL (start-here:///) that in turn displays the
"Applications", "Preferences" and "System Settings" launcher icons.
Somehow my platform is no longer capable of this and double-clicking on
the Start Here icon brings up an empty window. I can type
applications:/// or preferences:/// in the address box area of a window
and that works. Typing system-settings:/// does not work. All the
launchers work as expected, however, when accessed via the Red Hat menu on
the taskbar.

This behavior is also carried through when new users are created. The
Start Here icon appears on the new user desktop but only will show an
empty window. Does anyone know how to correct this situation? Thanks for
your time and comment. Sincerely,

John Wood (Code 5550) e-mail: XXXX@XXXXX.COM
Naval Research Laboratory
4555 Overlook Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20375-5337