Trouble with Mandrake and local network

Trouble with Mandrake and local network

Post by Lynn R. Zi » Thu, 23 Sep 2004 13:27:04

I have just installed Mandrake Linux on one of my machines in my own LAN
connected to the internet with a cable modem/cable modem router. This
network also includes two windows machines and two Red Hat Linux
machines. The printers on the network are connected to the windows
machines since there was never any problem connecting the Red Hat
machines to the windows machines using SMB and, of course, the Windows
machines had trouble in the opposite direction.

However, I simply cannot get Mandrake Linux to connect to the printers.
My suspicion is that the problem is that when I try to do the printer
configure, I get a message saying "WARNING: No local network connection
active, remote printers can neither be detected nor tested!"

I have searched through the Mandrake configuration scheme and can find
no way to create a local network connection. Obviously, the machine
knows about the local network since it connects to the internet without
problem via DHCP. Can anyone tell me how to do this local network

Lynn Ziegler

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I have a machine that has two network cards, one to access local office
network (small office with 8 -10) machines and another for accessing
internet - 64kbps broadband - through a service provider.
One network card is assigned static ip with subnet
for local network and the other is one more static I P given by the
broadband service provider.
Internet is connected when required through the dialer given by the service
provider. It is not "always on".
The problem is when I connect to the Internet, I am unable to browse my
office network to share files to & from the local machine. I have to reboot
the system to access the local office network. Then I can share between my
system & other systems.
This is giving a lot of inconvenience as sometimes I need to access both
local network and internet at the same time.
Why is this happening and how can I change this behaviour? I need to know
how to make both the Internet & Local Network work at the same time.
The firewall setting is on and also Zone alarm basic version is installed. I
have disabled the file & printer sharing in the properties of the Internet
LAN card while the other is enabled.
Any solution/workaround is appreciated.
The machine is Windows XP Professional, PIV, 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD.

Another problem - how to convert a server into workstation?? One system has
server (Windows NT 4.0 Server) installed and other systems cannot access
this system while the server system can access all the other systems. Is
formatting & reinstall only way? Any other solutions??
Thanks in advance.


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