refresh rate misery after fglrx/alternatively, which modeline do I use?

refresh rate misery after fglrx/alternatively, which modeline do I use?

Post by nomadicwor » Sat, 04 Feb 2006 23:49:59

I'm not too optimistic about anyone answering this because they
wouldn't even look at the question on ubuntuforums and someone on this
group asked the same question 2 weeks ago without an answer, but I'm
going to give it a shot.

Alright, after I finally got the fglrx drivers working I now have
hardware acceleration, which is nice. But even though everything seemed
graphically more responsive, I started getting that little pit of
nausea in my stomach, and my eyes felt like they weren't getting enough
light, feelings I had long ago found were the signs of a bad refresh
rate. This is my first LCD monitor, thought that refresh rate didn't
really matter but I guess it does. Anyway, when I checked the screen
resolution it was in fact at 60 mhz, when I remember it being 75

I know some people had this problem with fglrx before but the latest
driver was supposed to fix this problem.

So I've been messing around with it a while and I'm not sure why it was
working before but isn't working now. I changed the driver back to ati
and it's still at 60. At one point I accidentally started X from root
and it was back to 75, but I can't replicate that on my own account.
Which is weird because I thought all the X monitor and screen stuff was
grabbed from xorg.conf.

I tried online modeline creators but most of them asked for info I
couldn't find in the monitor manual. The two I did try gave me
different values, and while I figure monitors today are more forgiving
of wrong signals I didn't want to risk damaging a new monitor.

It's an Acer AL1913W LCD monitor whose maximum resolution (and the one
I want it to run at) is 1440x900.

Cut and pasted from my monitor manual:
Input Signal:
Simulated video frequency: 0.7 Vpp, 75 SYNC Frequency: Horizontal 30kHz~82kHz x Vertical 56Hz ~76 Hz
Max Pixel Clock: 135MHz

Any ideas?

Does anyone have this monitor and have a working modeline for 75 mhz?

Man I have a headache.