Remap Copy (CTRL+INS) Paste (SHIFT+INS) to other keysyms

Remap Copy (CTRL+INS) Paste (SHIFT+INS) to other keysyms

Post by hane » Thu, 20 Jan 2005 05:29:21

i use a Sun-Type Usb Keyboard on a linux system.
I'd like to remap Copy (CTRL+INS) Paste (SHIFT+INS) and Cut (SHIFT+DEL)
to some spare keys (SunCopy SunPaste, SunCut).
How do i tell a keysym to be 2 keystrokes, or how do i reconfigure
Copy, Paste to another keysym.
(I'm using Xfree and olvwm)
Regards, Harald

Remap Copy (CTRL+INS) Paste (SHIFT+INS) to other keysyms

Post by Dances Wit » Thu, 20 Jan 2005 05:54:24

On 18 Jan 2005 12:29:21 -0800, XXXX@XXXXX.COM staggered into the Black Sun
and said:

If you need to map a single key to a key combination, or a key
combination to a single key, you need xbindkeys combined with
xmacroplay. Install both. Start xbindkeys and put something in your
window manager's Autostart file so that xbindkeys starts when the window
manager starts.

Execute "xbindkeys -k" from an xterm/konsole and press the key or key
combination you want. xbindkeys will spit out a couple of lines like

"No Command"
m:0x1 + c:74
Shift + F8

...groovy. Now replace "No Command" with an xmacroplay string, like so:

"echo -e 'KeyStrPress SunCopy\nKeyStrRelease SunCopy' | xmacroplay :0 &"
m:0x1 + c:74

...paste those lines into ~/.xbindkeysrc , killall -HUP xbindkeys ,
things should work. There's a GUI frontend to xbindkeys called
gtk-xbindkeys, so you may want to try that. xbindkeys can execute any
arbitrary command on any keypress and is a seriously powerful tool.

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