VGA o/p connected to a widescreen corrupts original display

VGA o/p connected to a widescreen corrupts original display

Post by Geico Cave » Thu, 16 Aug 2007 08:17:17

My laptop has a 15.4" widescreen display.

I am trying to set it up for a presentation, so I connected my 19"
widescreen display to the VGA output. Tried i810switch. Does not work
(i810switch crt on returns "PCI id of i810 is not recognized.") - my
graphic card :

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/940GML
Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)
00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/940GML
Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)

is apparently not supported.

The ACPI hotkey (Fn+F8) - this is a Dell D820, does nothing.

The only way to get the external display (in this case, the 19" widescreen
display) to work is to use ctrl+alt+backspace to restart X. That shows the
display beautifully on the 19" widescreen display, but I get only the
topleft part (about 70-80%) of the display on the laptop when the external
monitor is connected.

My guess is that the X server is trying to setup the same resolution and
screen size on both the laptop and the external monitor and I end up
getting only 80% of the display to show up on the laptop.

For obvious reasons, this state of affairs is unacceptable.

Is there a way to have the laptop display be independent of no matter what
is connected / not connected externally, and yet have X properly detect the
external monitor/projector's resolution (the way it is apparently doing) ?

While restarting X is not a very big issue right now, I would also like to
set up the ACPI hotkey so that that works as well.

Relevant portion of my /etc/X11/xorg.conf :

Section "Device"
Identifier "Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/940GML Express
Integrated Graphics Controller"
Driver "i810"
#Option "MonitorLayout" "CRT,LFP"
#Option "Clone" "true"
#Option "DevicePresence" "true"
BusID "PCI:0:2:0"

(Yes - those lines are commented out - I put them in during my experiments).

X version (its apparently using the new numbering scheme)
from /var/log/Xorg.0.log :

X Window System Version 1.3.0
Release Date: 19 April 2007
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release 1.3
Build Operating System: Linux Debian

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