Mouse clicks stop working after a while

Mouse clicks stop working after a while

Post by » Wed, 17 Dec 2008 00:22:43

Hi folks,

I have this problem where after using X for a while, the mouse is no
longer able to click on any of the 3 buttons. Mouse movement and
keyboard input works still. I just cannot click and I even have a
program that sends a X event mouse click and nothing happens. So I am
then forced to do ctrl-alt-backspace and restart X.

Below are my details:

Fedora Core 10 x86_64
using fvwm
mouse is "PS/2"

I tried a lot of settings in xorg.conf.

I did some research and added Option "AutoAddDevices" "off" to stop
hald from interfering with X setup.

But nothing fixes this. Something is stopping my window manager from
seeing mouse clicks.