xdm doesn't like my mirror

xdm doesn't like my mirror

Post by S Smethurs » Sun, 21 Jan 2007 07:00:12

I am running Fedora Core 4, xdm login.

I am attempting to multiboot with grub, into several independently
configurable linux setups, its a training project for my students to
practice being netadmins. Not enough pcs for one each.

Each student has his own root / partition then shares /usr and /home

I mirrored / to other partitions using tar -c --exclude ... / | tar -x,
then mkdir /proc & /sys on each root. Configured grub to boot from any
of the roots. Edited each /etc/fstab to mount the appropriate volume.

Mirrored partitions are being mounted and login screen appears, upon
login however, xdm gives the message
"Could not exec /etc/X11/xdm/Xsession default"
and resets. Failsafe fails too.

Original / still runs perfectly.

Any ideas please?

Steve S.