linux, TV out and xorg blues.....

linux, TV out and xorg blues.....

Post by cool » Thu, 13 Oct 2005 20:05:49

Well I am about to give up on this one now.....
The only reason I use Windows is because I need to watch DVD's on a TV which
I hook up to a second PCI card, old (ati Lt pro) , and has a TV out in
addition to normal VGA connector.

My Gentoo box ..... Gentoo 2005 (Kernel 2.6.11-r11) . Xorg 6.8.2

Now the default ati drivers .... monitor works , TV screen is Garbled. Did
lotsa fidgeting with Vertical and Horizontal refresh rates + options in
xorg.conf ...nothing seems to work.

However ... i popped in a knoppix 3.6 live CD, Just to check out what
1. Nothing .... again the garbled screen.
2.I passed vsync=60, hsync =30 at boot time and presto...... the display was

On closer inspections, I notice that knoppix's using XFree86 4.x. How on
earth???? Should I downgrade???

Any help ?


linux, TV out and xorg blues.....

Post by AZ Noma » Fri, 14 Oct 2005 06:03:18

Nah. The first thing you should do is compare the working XF86Config
(perhaps XF86Config-4) file from the knoppix system with the non-working
xorg.conf file on the gentoo system.