file name length limit? windows??

file name length limit? windows??

Post by anno_Remov » Tue, 05 Aug 2003 23:47:33

: Hey everyone....Here is my situation....the company I work for saves
: all of their files onto a server with ridiculous filename lengths (the
: server is Windows 2000 Server)....does anyone know if there is any
: software to control the filename lenths or if I can simply control
: them in Windows?? Any help would be great!

AFAIK MS allows a total file and path name length of 255 chars. We had major
troubles with checking out files from our change management system with
_very_ long filenames which did not work. We moved on to solaris for this.
We did'nt find any workaround for this problem at all :-(


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file name length limit? windows??

Post by dantex » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 11:37:14


255 was correct for Windows 98. Even at that... I think you have to lose a
couple of those for some reason. Starting at NT or 2000, I was under the
impression that the length was increased, though... what it increased to is
still a bit of a mystery. I did some online searching for this info a few
months ago and came up empty.

Dan :-)