How to clone hard disk to new one

How to clone hard disk to new one

Post by Hong Hs » Sat, 06 Mar 2004 06:20:27


It may be easy question for you, but I am new to the issue.

My current hard disk only has 15 GB space. I want to use new 80 GB
to replace it. Because it has Windows XP and Linux partitions and uses
LILO, what is better way to move whole image into new hard disk without
any problem?

Thanks in advanced,

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I'm using g4u (basically a clever script which the heart is dd) to clone old
hard disks containing Interactive Unix (sigh) to new, bigger one.

My question is : because the geometry of the disk differs, at least for the
cylinder count, I feel that I should adjust some parameters to reflect the
disk change. The free size is not an issue, but I would like to do things as
best as possible...

I suspect I should modify the Partitions file, but how ? Is it possible to
use sysadmin to do that ?



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