Removing a Windows 2000 DC From a NT 4.0 Domain

Removing a Windows 2000 DC From a NT 4.0 Domain

Post by rtype6 » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 05:02:53

Hello all, does anyone know the best way to remove an WIN2K domain
contoller from and NT 4.0 domain? I tried demoting it but it will not
demote and I tried promoting the NT 4.0 dc in order to take the WIN2K
server offline, but it failed. To make a long story short, I want
restore control of the domain to the NT 4.0 controllers. Any ideas
will be greatly appreciated.


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Windows 2000 servers can be member servers in an NT4 domain but when you
promote a Windows 2000 server to a domain controller, you will be installing
Active directory on that machine and it will become a Windows 2000 mixed
mode domain at that point. Unlike NT4. in WIndows 2000, you don't have to
reinstall the OS in order to change roles from member server to DC or from a
DC to a member server. Run dcpromo.exe to promote or demote a domain


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