Apps won't open

Apps won't open

Post by steveua » Sat, 24 Apr 2004 22:30:22

I'm working on a friend's computer and can not get any of the
applications to open without going to Start/Run. I've tried some of
the fixes posted on Google to fix certain registry keys, but they have
not worked--the keys already matched. When the computer boots in
normal mode, it first displays a message saying it cannot find
'wise.exe.' After hitting OK twice, I get a message, something like
can't find Main something. When I boot in safe mode, everything seems
to work just fine. Norton Antivirus is installed and up to date, and
I've also installed and ran Norton Utilities. Any ideas/suggestions?

1. apps wont open

2. KDE apps wont start [was: kile 1.9.3 wont start]

Running: Debian stable / KDE
I recently posted a note here to the effect that kile 1.9.3 failed to
start, either from the command line or from the desktop icon, though it
had run before, after I did an apt-get dist-upgrade.
From a terminal window command line, I see the Kile spash screen, but
then nothing happens...

I thought this was just a problem with kile, and posted notes to the
kile discussion forum
but with no success.

I've just discovered that the same problem affects a number of other KDE
apps, including:
and even, kturtle

(but other KDE apps do work normally)
so the problem is more general and serious than I thought. I have no idea
how to diagnose and correct this. I tried to update kate and kile, but
apt-get told me they were at their latest versions.
Can anyone help me diagnose and fix this?


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