mysterious file

mysterious file

Post by kylejpatri » Wed, 15 Sep 2004 10:06:35

hey all,

over the last week i keep noticing a file that keeps popping up on my
system called pzsejr.exe. it shows up when i run msconfig under the
Startup tab (in fact, i'll uncheck it, then moments later if I run
msconfig again, it will show up checked again!!). I've done
everything: disable it, delete it. I've searched for this file on
websites by symantec, microsoft knowledge base, google. nothing ever
comes up about it. does anyone know what this could be? btw the it's
located in




Any insight is appreciated


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Yo to all.

I have just discovered a very wierd thing in FP2K3. My HOME page is
Home.htm. The site works fine in development. Now the wierd thing.

When I puplish the site, the home page becomes Home.ASP!

I have many ASP pages in my development site, but nothing even remotely
close to the Home.asp that shows on the server. And, this site has been up
for months, which also means that as the site changes, we publish over and
over. This has never showed up in the past.

Any Ideas???

TX in advance


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