Partition Magic 8.0 help

Partition Magic 8.0 help

Post by pineisga » Mon, 29 Dec 2003 12:24:13

I'm not too sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am
having a bit of trouble with Partition Magic 8.0.

I originally had my 30GB hard drive partitioned into a 3GB and 27GB
partitions. This was a mistake, as the 3GB partition contained all
the Windows and system files and quickly ran out of space. My friend
told me that Partition Magic would be able to resize the partitions
without having to reformat, so I installed it on my 27GB drive. The
larger partition had 15GB free, so I had Partition Magic take away 4GB
from the larger partition and add it to the smaller partition.
However, after the resizing, my larger drive is now listed as 0GB and
is unformatted.

Is there anything I can do to recover the files on the previously
larger drive? It's almost as if it's disappeared. Any help is


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First let me say that I have used Partition Magic for years but this time I
have really messed up.
I use Windows xp , and had 2 partitions before my mess-up. They were the C:
drive with the OS and the drive L: for Applications.

My C: drive was getting somewhat small and I wanted to reduce the L: drive
(which had lots and lots of space) and then add it to the C: drive.

In the process I mistakenly created 2 new partitions (from the original L:
drive) but found no way how to Add these to the C: drive. Or to add # 5
below back to the L: drive.

So now I have the following:

1. C drive with the Windows XP on it. It works. It is in NTFS and Primary.
2. Recovery drive that HP creates in FAT and says NONE

3. Extended drive of 200,365 MB NTFS PRIMARY
4. Under the above NTFS 86MB Logical
5. NTFS 7,656MB Logical
6. NTFS 192,623 MB Logical

I had intended to add # 4 and 5 above to the C: drive, but did not succeed.

Worse. even though # 6 says in Parttion Magic that it is a Logical drive, it
does not show up anymore in the Explorer. It is probably (?) because # 3
says Primary? But again I do not see where I can make it Logical in
Partition Magic 8.0

What should I do???

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