Power off without Shutting down!!!!

Power off without Shutting down!!!!

Post by changeez_f » Thu, 04 Sep 2003 09:02:35

my windows freezes and a blue screen apears that say "Begining dump of
phsical memory" and then a counter begins 1-100 and my computer powers
off when i turn it on as the IDE's are cheching i hear a TIC sound
from my hard disk-like your computer wakes after standby and your hard
disk motor is starting.
what's the problem?
my ram is 256 DDR
this erorr often occures when i'm working by media player & adobe
premier and such programs.
Thanks in advance

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Well, I give up.

Intel DP35DP with new P35 chipset
Corsair PS, 4g ram, dual DVI monitors

Ok, I looked at as many feeds as I can handle in 48 hours, I just give up.
PC will shut down (slow but considering what's in it, no problem) It will
power off, lights, drives,fans everything. After about a 2 to 4 second pause,
it will restart. If nothing is done, it will startup as normal. But the only
safe +/- to shut down is to wait for that 3 second window to unplug. After
this type of shut down, the start up is quite an other matter. First there is
no post, nothing but the blinking cursur of the DOS days. A hard rest and
everything is back to normal.

There are a few oddities of note.
1) Intel in it's wisdom, requires a F6 install for a matrix raid set up.
Thet did not put a floppy option on the mobo, (I hope they dont have too much
in the Shuttle program) I think the astro nuts are doing one wild and crazzy
job, but the coolist on the planet, hat's off to the US on that one :-)
2) while the initial XP install, seems things were normal for a while, but
then there is the endless up dates.

So I throw in the towel on this one. I use a PC to work, don't particularly
care for how it work.

$20 (US) donation to any non profit ( for children is prefered) via Paypal
for the first working solution. My word is as good as my signature.


Veni, Vidi, volo in domum redire

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