Problem with Windows Explorer

Problem with Windows Explorer

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Yes to both - Norton Anti-virus 2004 (updated within the week) and Spybot

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Testing plugins is often very complex, as you have found out.

With the eValid solution the process is straightforward:

o Launch eValid -- it is itself a full browser with processing
and rendering properties identical with IE.

o Install the plugin -- which should go through without
difficulty because eValid is a browser. You might want to
keep a copy of the evalid.exe withOUT the plugin operating if
it would have been modified by the plugin. Then you can re-
do this step if you wish.

o Test the modified eValid browser as you wish -- and be
assured that the results are identical with what you would
get with the IE browser.

Of course, the details of what your plugin does and how it does
it weren't explained and the assumption being made here is that
your functions don't interfere with eValid's own
record/play/analyze functions. But please note, we have used
eValid to test plugins before, so you have a pretty good chance
that this approach will work in your case.

You can download an evaluation copy of eValid from:

Complete details about the eValid web analysis and testing suite
are found at: .

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