Wierd Copy-Paste Problem

Wierd Copy-Paste Problem

Post by gary » Sun, 18 Jan 2004 05:23:20

This is trivial, but annoying. I usually do a CTL-C, CTL-V to copy and
paste, but occassionally, it doesn't work (nothing gets pasted). Going
to the toolbar and doing a Edit-Copy Edit-Paste DOES work, though.
Does anyone have any idea why this would happen? Makes no sense to me
since CTL-C and Edit-Copy are supposed to be exactly the same thing

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I'm trying to do a copy and paste (special - values only) between 2
workbooks. I select the cells in one and click the copy button (also have
tried Ctrl-c), but when I switch to the other WB and select the arrow beside
the Paste button, the top options (Formulas, Values, etc) are grayed out. If
I select Paste Special (the bottom option), it gives me a box asking if I
want to paste the data as a Excel Worksheet Object, Picture, Bitmap, ...

If I try to paste in the same workbook (where I am copying from), the
Formulas, Values, etc. options are available.

I have each workbook open in separate Excel sessions - I assume this may be
causing the problem. But why does it do that?

Bill @ UAMS

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