technology schizm

technology schizm

Post by fffdrago » Sat, 18 Oct 2003 07:21:12

Microsoft are forcing the Windows camp away from mainstream computing
by not supporting common things like Java. This short-sightedness
makes the Linux, Mac, and Unix camps spread farther away from the
Windows camp. Fortunately Sun are saving the ball by keeping Java
working on Windows. One can say ".NET" but alot of software runs in

Maybe someone can make an "update" for the incompatibilities of
Windows such as install JRE and other things who are very commonplace
in all places. Maybe OpenNIC rather than InterNIC and other free
technologies can be registered too. Also maybe an update to remove
Verisign's irritating practices.

Linux and Windows are good OSs and should continue to do everything
the users need rather than some proprietary subset.


technology schizm

Post by Oliver Dou » Sat, 18 Oct 2003 08:33:48

Mr. NoJobBoatToIndia drawled,

mostly server apps.

that's the big game: 'server application suites'

sun pushing Sun One,
Ms Longhorny
and so on

client side, its still whatever you can do
with a browser that matters.