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Under the June 28, 2001 headline

U.S. Appeals Court Overturns

Microsoft Antitrust Ruling

the NY Times reported:

A federal appeals court overturned...[the] ruling
to break up...Microsoft...and...ordered [the trial
judge] removed from the case, saying "the actions
of the trial judge seriously tainted the proceed-

Two days later, I posted this:

Reno started the trial to distract attention from
the Clinton campaign funds scandal and from her
refusal to appoint a special prosecutor to bring
those crooks to justice!

Now we'll see whether Ashcroft's got the guts to put
away ALL those involved in BOTH that initial attack
on the elect *** system AND the follow-on attack on
one of the country's most important industries, on
the federal judiciary, on the DOJ itself; and on


Well, we've seen.

To help us see even better, there's the headline

Order requiring Microsoft
to put Java in Windows overturned.

The Thursday June 26, 2003 Associated Press newsstory
reports the unanimous decision by a 4th US Circuit Court
of Appeals panel is "a victory for Microsoft."

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1. gutless right wingers still lying...

2. Roy Schestowitz - Describes himself as a gutless coward.

The gutless hypocrite Roy Schestowitz criticizes companies for accepting
Microsoft advertising money. Yet Roy's own website is receiving money from
the Microsoft adds that Roy allows to run on the site.

That Microsoft money is so dirty and corrupt but the Schestowitz hypocrite
has not problem taking his slice of the pie.

The media hasn't guts. It has budgets and funding sources.

What happened to the guts?

,----[ Quote ]
| Of one thing I am fairly certain. Microsoft all but eliminated
| mainstream software competition. As a result, Microsoft became
| the primary source of advertising revenue for mainstream publications.
| You don't bite the hand that feeds you.


3. ot: hey gifty the gutless you got your "cites"

4. Yep, that's the Apple I know- Michael 'gutless' Glasser

5. gutless right wingers still lying...