Just say NO to NX ( and NGSCB/Palladium while your at it )!

Just say NO to NX ( and NGSCB/Palladium while your at it )!

Post by thx113 » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 02:14:50

What is the deal with Microsoft's willingness to sell us out?
I was just reading another article in The Register:


This article talks about the NX bit set that sets off a "secure" area
in the CPU so that Microsofts can impliment for "Next Generation
Secure Computing Base" aka Palladium and this is to be a "feature" on
all new CPUs in the pipe and on current Itanium and AMD64 CPUs. The
cynic would say that this was admission for Microsoft to rewrite to 64
bit code.

Here is a blurb from Microsoft about NGSCB:


The two really bad things for the PC buyer is that you buy a PC and
it's your property but billg and friends are the only ones to get
admin on it so your PC now becomes an appliance and access is
ultimatly controlled not by you but by Bill & Co. The other really
bad thing is that now every PC with NX and XP SP2 or newer OS ( with
Longhorn ) will have it's own unique ID that can be remotely
manipulated. This lends itself nicely to unpopular things like
software and hardware expiration and monitoring for bad things like
music that is not approved of on your fixed disk.

Yes, in a broad sense it's not DRM but it seems much much worse.


1. Just say NO to NX ( and NGSCB/Palladium while your at it )!

2. Microsoft may abandon Palladium for AMD's NX-bit

Now these two stories confuse me a little bit. When we first heard about
Palladium (or NGSCB or whatever it's being called today), it was supposed to
be this dire invasion of our privacies, etc., etc. But now it simply looks
like it was something to stop viruses. So how exactly was Palladium supposed
to work anyways? Was there supposed to be some hardware support for this
technology, or was it entirely software? If there was hardware support, were
they using separated code and data segments as has existed in 32-bit
processors but never implemented, since the 386? What was Palladium supposed
to be really?



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