Default Tab Setting

Default Tab Setting

Post by J. Kendal » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 05:03:50

I have a line for which I changed the tabs. I then went into Tab Set, and I
see the default tab set interval, but I see no way to set all the tabs using
the default interval. i.e. I want it to set tabs all the way across with
.5" intervals. Anyone know?

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I have a set of tabs saved as my default "home page" at work. They open
correctly every time I log on to the computer. Periodically, I need to
connect to this computer while away from the office, which I do via VPN. Once
connected to the network, I use Remote Desktop Connection to log in to my
computer, but only the first tab in the set is opened; the others are lost.
The next day, when I return to the office, I have to re-load and save the
other pages, which are then saved until I use the VPN/RDC again. What can I
do to keep the full tab set when I connect remotely?

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