Word 2000, Save As text

Word 2000, Save As text

Post by pluto » Sat, 30 Oct 2004 21:24:17


name = ActiveDocument.FullName
ActiveDocument.SaveAs (ActiveDocument.FullName + ".copy")
ActiveDocument.SaveAs name + ".txt", wdFormatText
ActiveDocument.SaveAs (name)

First time everything is ok, but next execution of this
sequence leads to abnormal content of DOC file,
namely it is 'reduced' to text file.

How can I correcly save pure text content of DOC file ?


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I would like to display a message box to the user on saving a document if a
certain string of words is present in the first column of a table in the
document. I have discovered this code,

Dim rw As Row
Dim celltext As String
Dim tbl As Table

For Each tbl In ActiveDocument.Tables

For Each rw In tbl.Rows
celltext = rw.Cells(1).Range.Words.First.Text

If celltext = "blah di blah" Then

msgBox = " This is a blah di blah document and needs to be Emailed to blah
di blah".

This looks as if its what I need, but how do I incorporate it with the
Save/Save as commands. Or perhaps its not quite what I need - advice please,


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