Wordperfect 10 won't print to Laserjet 5L

Wordperfect 10 won't print to Laserjet 5L

Post by yacovdavi » Thu, 28 Oct 2004 01:12:21


My Laserjet 5L won't print from Wordperfect 10. It prints once, maybe
twice, when I open WP. Then if I try to print again, WP freezes and
nothing prints. I have re-installed both the printer and WP, but that
hasn't helped.

I would appreciate any advice--including how to delete the printer
entirely including old registry settings.

Thank you!


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I have installed a new printer, an HP Laserjet 5L, on my Windows 98
computer. The problem I have is that my printer can't seem to print what I
send to it. It only print short lines of strange characters, using all the
paper until there is no more left. The connection works well (I have tested
it with an other cable), the driver seems to be the right one (HP Laserjet
5L / PCL), the printer was given to me by a friend so I don't know if it is
in good condition. Apparently it's ok. Where do you think the problem comes
from, please ?
Thanks a bunch !


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