Compaq Evo T30 32/64 wireless

Compaq Evo T30 32/64 wireless

Post by Steve_ » Wed, 05 Oct 2005 20:05:52

Hi there,
can anyone recommend a wireless USB LAN connector for the Compaq 30
32/64 running Windows CE.NET embedded?. The HP/compaq site is a little
scant with detail here.
Any help is appreciated.

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2. 32 bit process & 64 bit driver, 32/64 bit pointer?


I am using MmMapLockedPagesSpecifyCache function to map my device memory RAM
to user area. It is not a security conernt to me to do by this method.

I want to support this for a 32 bit application, calls 64 bit driver(64 bit
system), I am taking care of 32 bit process detection, In this case, if i
uses above function, it returns a PVOID, I am not sure, will get a 32/64 bit
pointer, but PVOID is 64 bit in 64 bit system?

Is there any way to request only 32 bit User pointer from this API?
Any coversion of mapping 64 bit userarea pointer to 32 bit different user
area pointer?

Any other ways to support this in 32 bit process in a 64 bit driver, for
getting a 32 bit User address pointer?

I have tested once, I received a 32 bit pointer, but i doubt, this will not
be a case always.


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