Dialog Box keeps disappearing

Dialog Box keeps disappearing

Post by Ankur Gar » Sun, 09 Mar 2008 02:10:19

Hello All,

Upon right-clicking, the "Display Properties" dialog box that comes
up, is disappearing after 3-5 seconds on its own. What coule be the
reason behind this?

Please let me know if any of you have an idea on it.

Thanks and Regards,
Ankur Garg

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I have a report that runs on one query to view the status of orders. When the
report is closed I have the below programming in place to automatically
update the orders as billed if YES is typed in the dialog box. This is an
update query run off of the query for the report. I enter the PO number and
date on the original
query and would like to store this and automatcally enter this in the update
dialog boxes. The items are [Enter StartDate], [Enter EndDate] and [Select
PONumber] on both queries.

Below is the code used in the "On Close"

Dim Hold As Variant

Hold = InputBox("Type YES to mark these items as Billed", "Enter YES if to
be marked billed")

If Hold = "YES" Then
DoCmd.SetWarnings False
DoCmd.OpenQuery "QueryUpdateBilledField"
DoCmd.SetWarnings True
End If

Appreciate any input,

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