Windows 2000 server not reachable after Slammer.Worm RPC patch

Windows 2000 server not reachable after Slammer.Worm RPC patch

Post by walterwp » Fri, 15 Aug 2003 23:13:53

Your worst nightmare :(

I patched our locale Windows 2000 server (SP-4) with the MS RPC-patch
so the W32.Slammer.Worm would not be able to infect it.
In return I now have a non-responsive server.
On the external ethernet card (public IP-range the server is pingable
but no services reachable (ftp/ssh).
On the internal ethernet card (192.168.x.y IP-range) nothing goes
(normally FTP and file-sharing services for an Apple MacIntosh

When I plug in a monitor into the normally headless machine it hangs
showing the "Preparing network connections" screen from the Win2k
server boot-up screens. My guess it is stuck on the internal interface
trying to get it up and running.

What is my best option ??

Should I remove the NIC for the internal MAC network, reboot and see
if the server comes up again, then shutdown, plug the nic back in and
see ??
Or is there an option without having to rip out the nic and get the
problem solved. ??

BTW the server admin is on vacation and so damn paranoic that he did
NOT leave me the Administrator password (nice when things goes wrong)
and is also not reachable on his mobile :(

Thanks in advance