Windows XP Waits 10 Minutes to Connect Network

Windows XP Waits 10 Minutes to Connect Network

Post by eyen » Sat, 27 Sep 2003 00:38:49

I have a windows xp networking problem. In our university campus we
use TCP/IP protocol and static ip adresses to connect university
network and internet. For 6-7 months, our computer (windows xp) can
not connect to the network for 10 minutes after booting or rebooting
the computer. After starting windows we have to wait 10 minutes to
access network. There is no problem in any other operating systems
(Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Linux etc.) We have this problem only
with Windows XP. The computer is connected directly to a switch and a
gateway device assigns ip to it.

I made a test and see, any other computer can ping me in this 10
minute but I can not ping them in this period.

I tried different computers but it did not solve the problem. I
installed netbeui protocol but it did not work too. I tried both half
and full duplex transmission modes and they did not make a solution.

How can I resolve this problem?

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I spent 4 full days truing to figure out the following:

When mapping a network drive from an XP Pro box to a Windows 2000 Server
first time around it hangs my windows explorer (for 10 minutes!) and then
eventually comes up. Second instance of explorer maps to the same exact path
instantly, even while the first instance is still hung. Same symptoms are
occurring when just trying to access remote server by typing UNC path or
just using the programs that utilize remote files, like Visual Source Safe,
for example. VSS, which accesses its database on remote W2K server, would
display exactly the same symptoms when launched from an XP machine. If would
not come up for full 10 minutes (even the splash screen), but if the first
instance of VSS is started, and even before 10 minutes elapsed I launched
another instance of VSS the last will open up right away.

Here is the solution.
1. Uninstall ALL your network protocols, services and clients and disable
tcp/ip protocol in network configuration.
2. reboot
3. enable tcp/ip
4. reboot
5. install client for Microsoft networks
6. change your workgroup name
7. reboot
the problem should be fixed by now
8. install file and printer sharing
everything still works.

Don't ask me WHY but I did it on 2 XP machines already and both work fine
Maybe something for MS guys to look at.

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