Direct cable connection and cable disconnect popup message

Direct cable connection and cable disconnect popup message

Post by Eric Forti » Sun, 26 Oct 2003 11:50:43

Hi all,

I just put two new SMC network card in my two main computers, and connected them with a crossover wire. The network connects at 100 mbits.

The network works pretty well, but I get a popup on both computers (one is Win 2000 Pro, the other XP Pro) frequently (at 30 to 120 seconds intervals) telling me that the
network cable is disconnected. The popup stays there for around 1/2 to 1 second then dissapears. The network does not disconnect and if I copy files, the copy isn't
stopped and the files are not corrupted, but on Windows XP the taskmanager shows the network traffic to drop to 0% while the popup is visible, then goes back up to around
40% (probably because of the slow harddrives).

Anyone knows why the cable disconnected popup keeps appearing? The wire I use now is the same I used to wire a client's factory and they have no problem with their
network (but they are using hubs, I am not) and they operate at 100 bits too. Also, I'm using this cabling to make the crossover wire: ~coreya/100cross.html

My wire is around 20 feet long, from my room to the living room, just laying on the floor, no high voltage around, just the outlets.

Any help or info would be appreciated!



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What I do is carry a spare 30 and a 50 mtr cat5 patch cable so that
when I suspect the cable (particularly if I did not run it) I can
quickly test it by replacement. I have only found a few faulty cables
but it has saved heaps of time diong this. I once found a knot in the
cable just where it dropped down the wall. It is so easy and you do
not need expensive test equipment, but the continuity/pair detector
approx $AU 150.00 are a must have.
If the speed rises then you know the existing cable may be faulty.
Crossed pairs is a common fault and unfortunately the detector
mentioned above will not find it, as it only checks for continuity and
correct polarisation of the pair, it does'nt care what colors you have
used.. A crossed pair has incorrect colors making a pair, the twist
rate per cable pair will be unbalanced, eg blue & green/white as one
pair, and green & blue/white as the other will show ok as a cable
pair, and may work at 10mhz but fail at 100 mhz, this can cause much
head scratching.

On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 08:14 +0100 (BST), XXXX@XXXXX.COM (Stuart

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