WTD: Recommendation for a decent router

WTD: Recommendation for a decent router

Post by CWatter » Fri, 22 Jul 2005 17:13:35

Can someone recommend a router with a decent firewall? Ideally I also want
something that works well with video conferencing and VOIP programs....

The last time I tried to do anything with video conferencing was three years
ago. Back then it looked like I had to open so many ports (64,000) in the
NAT firewall I had that it seemed like there was little point in having a
firewall. Has the situation changed any? Anyone recommend a good tutorial?

I was planning on using a product like this
to allow my existing DECT cordless phones to be used with Skype. The neat
bit is the Skype/POTS routing capability. Unfortunately Skype needs your PC
to be on/involved because of the way it works. Is there a router that
supports Skype/POTS routing or just IP/POTS routing? Does that question
make sense?

The WAN connection will be ADSL but I could use an external modem if that
helps the choice.

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2. "Decent" "realistic" multiplayer FPS recommendations?

I'm looking for a "decent" multiplayer FPS game that still has people

By "decent" i mean non-TF2, non-COD4 kiddie multiplayer FPS with
ducking/hopping/knifing grenading.

Battlefield blows chunks. I hate vehicles.

I just want guns and soliders and some kind of realism.

Do a lot of people still play Operation Flashpoint?

What about Ghost Recon?

Stalker: Clear Skies multiplayer a valid option? Stalker #1 had small
maps from what I remember.

I don't want small maps!


Sometimes I like sniper maps, where it's just you and another couple
players sniping it out. I like the "taking your time" type of gameplay
sometimes. And then I like taking my rifle and hunting down the enemy.

I miss the Rainbow Six days - the Bank level was one of my favorites.

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