Cisco VPN client 4.04 under WinXP

Cisco VPN client 4.04 under WinXP

Post by Alex Neuma » Sun, 06 Jun 2004 07:36:23


I have got a big problem with the above mentioned software.
I tried to install it with the MSN Installer, but during installation my
machine crashed.

Afterwards, since nothing worked I tried to deinstall it which was not
possible and ended with an error "Remove plugin failed." This error caused a
rollback of the uninstall process so far making it impossible to uninstall
the software cleanly.
Reinstalling is not possible either and ends with a similar message (some
error with some plugin - not named precisly).

The biggest problem: My whole networking is not working anymore. After
startup it takes about 2 minutes until I see the little computers in the
taskbar indicating network activity, but even then I cannot use it.
Something is really broken here, issuing a ipconfig on command line results
in NO output (only the wors Windows IP configuration are displayed).

What can I do !??!



Cisco VPN client 4.04 under WinXP

Post by mike.farnh » Wed, 09 Jun 2004 02:39:26

seriously - contact Cisco and open a TAC case with them about it.
Had you used previous versions before?

You are supposed to remove the previous version before installing new versions.
We're using 4.0.4.B just fine here.