Am I trying to do the impossible or am I just stupid?

Am I trying to do the impossible or am I just stupid?

Post by i_hate_gar » Wed, 11 May 2005 13:22:37

Hi All,
Here's the deal.
I know very little about PCs and networking is like Serbo-Croat to a
Blackfoot Indian but I have been trying to network 2 computers together
wirelessly so that I can use the internet on both PCs via the
broadband connection on the main PC.
The main PC, a P4 desktop with lots of everything is running XP home.
The other PC is a mini notebook from Toshiba called a Libretto 100CT. A
P1 @ 166mhz and running win98SE.
The PC has a wireless pci card installed and the lappy has a PC card
wireless gizmo.
As far as I can tell, all the software for these devices has loaded.
The pci card in the main PC works OK because it was working with
another XP desktop PC a few weeks ago (Using the same main PC so it has
not been moved at all). Using that network, I was easily able to just
make a network disk and copy the files to the other PC but trying to do
the same thing with this laptop has me stumped.
It wouldn't be so bad but most of the help files I have looked at on
Google for this type of thing either assume I am Einstein or the
step-by-step instructions show diagrams of pages that I don't get when
I follow the instructions.
On the laptop, I have got to the stage where there is something that
looks like a set of Pan pipes in the taskbar in green which I think is
good but when I click on the big blue "E" for an Internet Explorer
page, all that happens is that the lappy tries to sign me up for MSN.
Also, on the PC card itself, I get the constant green light.

I'm guessing that there are settings somewhere on the main PC that I
need to copy TO THE RIGHT PLACE on the laptop, so if anyone has any
clues, I'd be very grateful

Am I trying to do the impossible or am I just stupid?

Post by WebWalke » Wed, 18 May 2005 00:05:57

Make sure both of pc(s) is having :-

a) Same workgroup name.
b) Same WIFI channel.
c) Enable Ad-hoc connection.

If you able to connect both of the pc(s), ICS (Internet Connection
Sharing) the main pc that connected to the Internet.