Wired and Wireless LAN Question

Wired and Wireless LAN Question

Post by Metti » Wed, 10 Sep 2003 23:58:54

Hi There,

I work for a company with only 8 PCs, which have been networked, all
on XP Professional, with an ADSL connection.

I'm no networking guy, I've just been given the job as I'm the only
one now in the firm with some idea about computers.

All the PCs are moving to another floor, so they want to move to a
wireless LAN, rather than lay all new cables. I got a Netgear
Wireless Access Point and some Belkin wireless network cards, and
started by fitting two, to try things out.

The problem I have is that now, two of the pcs on the wired LAN and
one of the pcs on the wireless keep dropping off the network and only
a reboot will do to reconnect.

I running a little program called LookAtLan, which shows that all the
IP addresses run nicely in sequence, no conflicts, and we can ping
them all without a problem

TIA for any assistance.