Browsing _my_ network shares using _my_ computer fails without network connection...

Browsing _my_ network shares using _my_ computer fails without network connection...

Post by torarvi » Wed, 19 Jan 2005 21:33:22


My computer is called \\torarvid in network neighbourhood. When
pointing windows explorer to "\\torarvid" from that computer, I will
get a listing of my network shares, and am normally able to browse

However, if I disconnect my network cable, this will not work, even
though it is the local machine... I feel it should not require a
network connection to be able to do this...
Do I have something set up wrong, or is it just the way it is...?

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2. =?Utf-8?Q?_My_=C3=BC_gets_formatted_with_my_?= =?Utf-8?Q?Asian_Language_Font?=

This problem might be happening because you are using a Latin font that
doesn't contain a character. Or, possibly, because you are using an Asian
font that doesn't handle correctly.

This might help:
1. Boot Word.
2. Go to Format...Font in the menu
3. Change "Latin Text Font" to "Times New Roman", "Ariel", "Verdana", or
another extremely common font.
4. Click on the "Default..." button.
5. Click "Yes" on the popup.

Another alternative is to change your "Asian Text Font" to "MS Gothic." MS
Gothic seems to be one of the few fonts that handles both Chinese and German
relatively well.

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