Hight sevurity environement

Hight sevurity environement

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I'd like to have advice about how to secure a machine on our network so
it can do what follow.

- It have access to some network shared directory
- the user can not write on the locals drives (hd, floppy, etc)
- the user can not send files on the internet (email with outlook or with a
web interface)
- the user can access some programs that are installed on the workstation.

So, what we want is to let an employe work on a higly confidential
files, without let him copy the file. This is a condition of one of our

I don't expect someone on this newsgroup to tell me how to do all of
this, but i'd like to have some advice on where to look for information (web
sites, or ...) or on what to do.

Any help will be appreciated.

Mathieu Pag? informatique at csfinc dot com