Accessing desktops in other TS sessions

Accessing desktops in other TS sessions

Post by Johan Stok » Tue, 28 Jun 2005 07:03:02

Dear experts,

I am creating an interactive Windows service that captures the current
screen. Almost everything works fine. I can switch to the current input
desktop using OpenInputDesktop to capture the current screen.

However, when someone uses fast-user-switching in Windows XP I get a blank
screen. After some research I found out that this is because the
fast-switched-user is on another session. I assume that my service is
running in session0. Is there any way to switch to another session (just
like switching between desktops) or do I have to change some security

There must be a way to do this as Windows' Remote Desktop does exactly what
I want.

Thanks in advance.

Johan Stokking