MSVCUTIL.EXE running, what is it?

MSVCUTIL.EXE running, what is it?

Post by spam » Sat, 15 Jan 2005 10:25:27

A friend brought me his sick computer. It had a virus and some spyware.
The virus scanner hadn't updated it a year and xp patches hadn't been
applied in some time either. I installed avast and deleted out the
infected files and was able to get the comp to work pretty good without
a complete system restore.

There was one process I could not figure out, msvcutil.exe. I searched
through the registry and removed an entry or two, couldn't locate the
exe on the system. Killed the process and it would still come back

I ran multiple virus scans. But nothing came up.

I have been messing with windoze for years and can't seem to remember
finding this process.
Couldn't get a single hit on google for it either.

Any ideas?

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I want my program to modify its own EXE file. I do not want to start
a separate EXE that waits for the first one to quit, then modifies it.
CreateFile fails with a sharing violation when I try to open the EXE
with FILE_WRITE_DATA access. So, we might reasonably conclude that my
task is impossible. BUT...

I wrote a Hello World program, and while the message box was on the
screen, I opened its EXE as a binary file in Visual C++ 6 (no
workspace open), and I was able to edit it! After I hit Save, a file
called ~VC90.tmp appeared in the same folder. Its contents match
those of the EXE before the change, and I'm unable to delete it until
I close the message box, suggesting that the VC++ editor somehow made
the system think my Hello World process had come from this .tmp file.
But the EXE itself is changed!

How'd they do that?

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