passfilt.dll will disable trus relationship within domains ?

passfilt.dll will disable trus relationship within domains ?

Post by alexander. » Sun, 24 Jul 2005 07:00:49


i have 4 domains - on one of them it is required to force strong
passwords. i'm going to go via registry and passfilt.dll - but heard
that doing this on one domain ( it is needed on one only ) will broke
trust relationship with 3 others.. is it true ?

is there some KB articles about it ?


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I want to enforce the following:

- Words not in the dictionary
- No variation of name
- At least 6 alpha/numerics

I do not want to enforce non-standard characters like @!~ etc. so I cannot
use the default passfilt.dll. I know the MS has some articles on creating
my own, but I would rather not reinvent the wheel or take a chance on
messing it up so I was hoping there might be a canned solution out there or
maybe someon has written their own with similar constraints.

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