Password recovery Toshiba Libretto110ct

Password recovery Toshiba Libretto110ct

Post by Ernie Will » Wed, 13 Jun 2007 03:57:04

I have a tiny laptop computer(smaller than a desk telephone set). It is
a Toshiba, Model Libretto110CT. It is running Windows NT. The password
to get into the computer (the W NT password) is lost. The computer was
not designed for, and does not have a CD drive, or floppy drive. It does
have slots for two cards (network cards and modem cards). I have a
10/100 3 com LAN card for the computer (I think it is called a PCIcard).
I also have a modem card.

I would appreciate any advise on how to get this unit up and running. I
cannot get by the password, or recover it. I understand that there are
programs to recover lost passwords, but I cannot see how to run one of
then when I don't have any way to input the program to the computer
since it has no floppy or CD drives.
EJ in NJ

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Hello all,

I am looking for some help in recovering/clearing the BIOS Passwords
on a couple of laptops I have.

Here are the models I have:

Toshiba Satellite 1900
Model Number: PS192C-00824


IBM ThinkPad R51
Type: 1836-QNU

I have tried a few things so far which haven't worked, such as the
parallel loopback connector for the Toshiba, and KeyDisk... to no

If someone could give me some more ideas, or give me definite
instructions on how to make a Toshiba KeyDisk properly, I would be
very grateful.


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