Removed domain logon,I really screwed up

Removed domain logon,I really screwed up

Post by Bruc » Wed, 18 Jan 2006 03:04:36

I guess I really screwed up. I had an old pc that was set up in a domain
so that I could connect from home to get my work email. Well, I'm no
longer at that job and I wanted to share this pc with my personal pc's.
So I decided to switch the old work pc to a workgroup. I ignored the
message about my domain account would be disabled - didn't think I
needed that anymore. Well, I forgot the local admin account/password
stuff. So now I cann't logon at all. I'd like to get some of the data
off the old work pc but I'm thinking my only alternative is to format
and reinstall. Any other suggestions. The disk is using ntfs.


ps - please don't tell my girlfriend!

Removed domain logon,I really screwed up

Post by bird » Mon, 23 Jan 2006 01:29:38

There are quite a few software tools on the internet, that can
help to recover data on NTFS without logging on to the OS.
Another simple way is to move the hard drive to another PC
with a compatiable OS.
The last way is to recover your admin's password. search the
internet and you will find it.