Req'd permissions for SSL server running as a service?

Req'd permissions for SSL server running as a service?

Post by Mike Morri » Tue, 02 Dec 2003 16:32:19

I'm using Mercury/32 as my in house mail server (an excellent product,
btw... ). I'm running both POP3 and IMAP servers,
and just added SSL support for those protocols.

Everything works fine when it is running as an app, but when run as a
service, I cannot connect with SSL (I can still connect fine with an
unencrypted connection).

I think this has to be a permissions problem, because connecting with
SSL in app mode means the firewall, the server itself, the client, etc.
are all configured correctly.

I immediately switched the service to run as Administrator, with the
same result. The log file shows that SSL negotiation fails, only when
running as a service.

This machine is our only in house server, which means it's also a domain
controller, and I'm in over my head as far as "Local" vs. "Domain" vs.
"Domain Controller" Policies go.

Specific questions:
1) Is there an account with more rights than Administrator - i.e., a
Domain Admin, etc...?

2) Am I even right that this is a permissions issue? Could the
Administrator account be mis-configured to not have sufficient rights?

3) Is it possible for the Mercury/32 process to have different rights
when when run logged in interactively as Admin, and when run as a
service as Admin?

I've confirmed that Admin has Full Control NTFS permissions of the
software tree for the executable & dlls, and the mail folders; the
application uses no registry settings.

Thanks in advance for any help,


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Thank you.

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