Win2K Server: AD U&C use from workstation

Win2K Server: AD U&C use from workstation

Post by Scott D. D » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 23:36:34

Hola all:

I have setup Win2K Server, and now want to admin it from my workstation
instead of the server.

When I try to run the AD Users & Computers (ADUC) Tool from my Win2k Pro
workstation I get one of several errors. I have joined and loged into my
domain from my workstation and installed the AD toolset.

I get:
"The RPC server is not started"
"The server is not available..."

I have checked both the server and workstation and both have RPC services
running. I am a member of the Admin, domain admin, and enterprise admin

What am I missing? MS sight suggests that it is as easy as pulling up the
ADUC MMC and connecting to the server. This has not been the case for me,
and to boot, I can not find much help in the MS support section.

Any suggestions?


Scott D. Davis, IT Manager
1-800-PRO-SING, x1131

Win2K Server: AD U&C use from workstation

Post by lgj_nospa » Sat, 08 Nov 2003 07:34:15

try running from a command prompt the following commands
net start lanmanserver
net start lanmanworkstation
on both systems.
this should start the server and the workstation services which are
not the same as the RPC service.

good luck, let us know. --Lehi