Bizarre local file / folder permission issue on XP Pro

Bizarre local file / folder permission issue on XP Pro

Post by angusros » Sun, 04 Jun 2006 23:29:24

have a newly bought Dell laptop which has XP Pro (SP2).
in my c:\doc folder i've removed inheriting permissions from the parent
folder, and then added my account to have full control. have also
encrypted c:\doc for subfolders and files.

later when trying to read / write to any of the files and folders i get
an 'access denied' msg.
but can still browse the folders and files.

the bizarre things is, for any file / folder in the c:\doc folder:
- my account is shown to have ownership of the file
- my account is shown to have full control of the file
- i can change / add / remove permissions from the file
- the permission for the file can even be set to Everyone having full
control, and denying no one
- have changed the folder, subfolder and files to reinherit permissions
from the parent folder
- new files / folders can be created in the subfolder
- the advanced security settings | effective permissions tab shows that
my account and the Everyone account has full access to the file

any help most welcome
cheers and beers!

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