Delete Data Unconditionally

Delete Data Unconditionally

Post by sale » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 17:55:38

When you delete a file in Windows and empty the recycle bin the data
remains there! Anyone with proper data recovery software can easily
bring back your private data and use it against you at a later date.
DocuShred is a Windows based file shredding utility designed to exceed
the DoD standards for secure file deletion and protect the
confidentiality your data. Shred a file, folder, cookies, temporary
internet files and much more.

Please download a free trial at

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2. Deleted data from Combo Box deleted table data.

I deleleted duplicate data in two of my combo boxes (in query). When I
finished, I saved this on my backup. I went back in and noticed that about
90% of my table was deleted.

I stopped working on my database onthe hard drive and disc. Is there any
hope that the data can be recovered after both files were closed and saved?
I work at a large University with a good IT department. Do you think I
should contact them?

I spent 3 weeks entering this data from last year's results...and had JUST

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