disallowing "null base" in W2K LDAP search?

disallowing "null base" in W2K LDAP search?

Post by brew » Thu, 22 Jan 2004 05:25:40

Our network scans are indicating that an LDAP search on our domain controller
gives information when a "null base" is used. Can anyone tell me if it's
possible to disallow this in the LDAP service of a w2k domain controller? I
haven't been able to find any specific info about this possibility.
dale brewe

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Our Security Department ran a vulnerability tool and it found something about
null base searches, here's the full description:

"A user can obtain directory listings if LDAP allows a NULL base in an LDAP
If LDAP allows a NULL base in an LDAP search, a user can run a search that
information on "namingContexts" and "supported controls".
An attacker can use this information for malicious activity such as
accessing directory listings."

The solution points to use an ACL in order to prevent this kind of request.

Does anybody knows how to prevent Null base searches?

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