DNS problem

DNS problem

Post by Don » Fri, 10 Feb 2006 23:43:59

I have a problem which I beleive to be a DNS issue. I have our main office
which is in subnet 192.168.1.x I also have another office connected via
point to point which is in subnet 192.168.3.x. The dns server in the main
office is IP address and the remote server is but
this server also has another adapter connected which has the ip address of
When the users in the remote office login the script will log them on both
servers no problem. Then can see all the mapped drives. But if they browse
the network the remote machine will hang for about 20 seconds and not
display any computers on the network. It will display the domain name and
only display their machine. The users are able to ping the entire network by
IP address and computer name. If I go to the remote server (which is the dns
server) and try browsing the network it hangs for about 10 seconds but it
does list all the computers on both subnets and I can connect to the

We are running server 2003 with SP1 and active directory

In the DNS I have the following:

forward lookup zones all look correct.

Reverse lookup zones
192.168.3.x subnet
under same as parent folder
(data) server.name.com {] []

Any ideas on what it could be?


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2. This is a web browsing problem, not a DNS problem.

ms> my problem is that the guy that comes in to help me [...]
ms> told me that forwarders are not necessary for simply
ms> browsing out to the internet and mail servers for my isp,
ms> since dns in 2k has root hints to help to sort it out,
ms> therefore my isp's dns servers are quite superflous at
ms> this point.

That is not your "problem" at all. Moreover, he is quite correct.

Your problem is that whilst query resolution is clearly working (as
evidenced by the fact that "ping" could translate the domain name
"www.yahoo.com." into an IP address) web browsing is not.

Web browsing involves far more than just DNS service, and the cause of
your problem could be entirely unrelated to DNS. For example: It
could be a proxy HTTP service misconfiguration, or a lack of an
HTTP-shaped hole in your firewall; neither of which have anything to
do with DNS.

If you want help with your web browsing (not DNS) problem, you are
going to have to provide a far better description of it than
"it can't find anything!!!". Follow the Standard Litany for problem
reports. Your computer presents you with error messages for a reason.

<URL: http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ./~J.deBoynePollard/FGA/problem-report-standard-litany.html>

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