Loading filter driver during OS install

Loading filter driver during OS install

Post by nospamatpr » Wed, 22 Oct 2003 14:28:16

I have a upper device filter driver that I need to load during install
(ie. Hit F6 for scsi drivers). I was wondering if this has been done
(I'm sure it has) and how to do it.

I wonder about whether the txtsetup.oem actually loads and parses the
inf early in the setup or not, and how you would actually code up the

Do you need to need to include a copy of the driver that your
filtering (and it's inf) on your driver disk as well, or will this
land from the media in time to be present when the filter driver's inf
is parsed.


Loading filter driver during OS install

Post by Don Bur » Wed, 22 Oct 2003 20:42:49

You have several problems here:

1. If the driver you are filtering is on the CD the system will ignore
the copy you specify in the INF. If not you might be able to
have a single INF that works (I have never tried this, so I'm

2. If you have seperate INF or the device on the CD you can definitely
get the filter driver loaded, but having it attached to the
device is
another problem completely. The system will not enumerate your
device (i.e. no AddDevice call). The most likely action is to
the driver loaded, then unloaded a short time later, when the
system checks and sees no devices.

3. If you do get something working and this is for a commercial
product, be sure to test with an automated install, i.e. a
install with RIS or a custom CD with the devices included. This
is becoming popular, and things can act a little different here.

Don Burn (MVP, Windows DDK)
Windows 2k/XP/2k3 Filesystem and Driver Consulting